Wisdom – Timeless Collection – Quarter of the Edition Sold

This sculpture was a particularly significant release for Steve Winterburn with it being the flagship and first of his new passion driven project the Timeless Collection, but also because of his love for turtles. Having scuba dived all over the planet and experienced so many heart-warming moments with these incredible creatures, Steve has created various limited-edition sculptures with his inspiration being endless and their lines and aesthetic beauty, its no surprise that they have become one of his favourite subjects.

“Wisdom – Timeless Collection” is the largest turtle Steve has sculpted to date, it is very striking wherever it is situated. The combination of the wonderfully sculpted sea turtle with the new contemporary timeless collection spinning ellipse makes the piece very eye catching, and it is our pleasure to announce that a quarter of the edition is now sold. Talking about her new prized possession our client said:

“As avid collectors of Steve’s work, we fell in love with ‘Wisdom’ the minute we saw her (we have checked she’s a she) as a work in progress. The finished piece is absolutely phenomenal and has taken pride of place as the focal point in our lounge (complementing our other Steve Winterburn sculptures). The wow factor in spades.

The way Steve has captured the detail and personality of the sea turtle is pure genius – we adore it. Our only concern is that she may end up with a highly polished head as she gets stroked every time we walk past!”

–    Louise McConnell

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