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Winterburn Fine Art is a family run bronze foundry based in Yorkshire. We offer a complete foundry service from bespoke design, sculpture, through to bronze casting. All stages of the work, which include design, sculpture, mould making, lost wax, ceramic shell, casting, welding, chasing, finishing and patina, are completed in-house by ourselves. This allows us to finish projects within reasonable timescales. We are able to undertake both small and large scale projects. We will also work on one off projects or projects that require an edition number to be produced.

The methods we implement for bronze casting are similar to those used thousands of years ago. We combine modern day materials with traditional methods. Each project is unique with an individual approach, allowing us to work closely with the client to ensure the finished sculpture is exactly as they had envisioned.

Each process is unique in its preparation and each sculpture is hand crafted to the highest quality. In an age of modern technology, it is unique to find such a “hands on” service. This is a core value of Winterburn Fine Art and something we are proud to be able to provide. Sadly, modern technology and poor quality imports are diminishing the skills present within the industry. We are passionate about keeping age old methods and techniques of bronze work alive and thus ensuring quality in every piece. We also have the expertise to provide both traditional and contemporary patinas.

We have the NEBOSH and welding qualifications to undertake on site work, working around the country on big public projects like our Legends of Rugby League statue at Wembley Stadium.


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There is something deeply satisfying in shaping something with your hands. Proper artificing is like a song made solid, it is an act of creation.


We offer a complete foundry service from bespoke design, sculpture, through to bronze casting.


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