Wembley Stadium – Steve Winterburn Sculpture unveiled

Today was an iconic day for both Steve Winterburn and for Rugby League, with the unveiling of 5 sporting legends in bronze that will be an ambassador for both parties, for generations to come. The imposing sculpture stands at a huge 17ft tall and is now one of only two statues at the world famous Wembley Stadium and in time hopefully it will become a landmark in its own right.

This Monument is the first large scaled public city sculpture completed by Steve Winterburn and cast by Winterburn Fine Art. Its is a true honour for the family to be able to share our legacy with one of the most iconic stadiums on the planet and have a piece of our sculpture situated there for years to come. With the core values of our family business being built around legacy and longevity, this project was the biggest opportunity imaginable and will undoubtedly become a flagship piece for our brand and family.

The project took around 2 years in total for completion, from initial sketches through to perfecting portraits with the subjects’ families, it was a monumental task to undertake but we relished the opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. With every part of the operation being completed in house at Winterburn Fine Art meant every single detail was covered assuring the commission was fulfilled to the highest standard, from an exact replica of the trophy thanks to our 3D scanning capabilities right down to installing the statue in the early hours, every minute detail is a passion.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone who was involved with this project either from day one all the way through or even just making sure the unveiling today was as special of an occasion as it was, this project has been an honour for Steve Winterburn and Winterburn Fine Art to complete.

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