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Waiting for Spring – Life Size Hare Sculpture

Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 57cm x 40cm x 20cm

Weight: 20kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze

“Mad as a march Hare” the saying, comes from the reality of these usually secretive and solitary creatures, leaping into the breeding season as it begins in spring. This yin yang of characteristics hanging in the balance as spring is bursting into effect is what really captured Steve’s creativity and inspired this piece hence the name “Waiting for Spring”.

The composition of the piece is what first expresses this, the raised leg and dropped ear combined with the way the hare is poised bring a real air of anticipation and depicts the secluded nature of these beautiful British icons. Further to the fundamentals of the design being based around the traits of the hare, it was also taken from visual inspiration. They are naturally a very reserved animal and flighty if spooked so experiencing a moment of still with one just perched looking at you is quite something, Steve has managed this with such an organic feel as though each time you look at the sculpture it is an intimate and welcoming experience.

A Hare sculpture is something that has been on the list for a while both for Steve’s own desire and clients suggesting it to him. Thanks to the lovely design and exquisite sculpting especially with details around the face this piece comes together to not only capture a beautiful fleeting moment but to connect you with the lovely warm character that Steve has created, which draws a lovely connection between the subject and the audience wherever it is placed.

Price : £9,950

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