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Three’s Company – African Elephants Sculpture

Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 80cm x 20cm x 12cm

Weight: 25kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze on Granite

After spending many years working on conservation projects at Elephant orphanages in Africa, Steve Winterburn spent a lot of time with baby elephants and fell in love with their personability and endearing traits, which were the founding inspiration for this sculpture. Steve wanted to capture the playfulness and innocence of these beautiful creatures and bring their characters and individuality to life, as these were sculpted from his own reference and time spent with the orphans, he has achieved this wonderfully with each of the three elephants having an encaptivating lifelike feel.

The composition furthers the playful essence of the piece with a pleasing linear form but with each of the orphans coupling gracefully with one and other creating a joyous flow to the sculpture. The title of the piece is a play on the saying “two is company, three is a crowd” which Steve thought was fitting as with these unfortunate orphaned elephants all company is welcomed and so came “Three’s Company”.


Price : £11,700

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