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Sugar & Spice

Artist: Roxy Winterburn

Dimensions: 30cm x 28cm x 20cm

Weight: 10kg

Edition number: 1 of 25

Material: Bronze


This lovely, stylised sculpture by Roxy Winterburn has her distinctive feel and elegance which she creates through her tooling style and techniques. It is a composition driven piece with all of the inspiration built around the intended moment Roxy wanted to depict, this allowed her to really capture the audience with the overall presence hitting as soon as they cast their eyes upon it.

Speaking on this work she said:

“These two cats express more of a courtship than a couple. I really wanted to try and capture those special moments at the very start of a romance. I think love and affection is such a massive part of many of our lives. I think this is true for animals too. One of my favourite films as a child was “The Aristocats”, and this piece is massively inspired by it.”



Price : £4,250

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