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Spirit of India

Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 26cm x 16cm x 8cm

Weight: 4kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze on Granite

After his travels to India, Steve Winterburn was left in awe of the vibrant and colourful cultural tapestry of the beautiful country and found himself in the studio inspired to create a sculpture that encapsulates it. Immediately the baby Indian elephants he had encountered in the wild on conservation projects sprung to mind, their playful and character full nature made this the perfect study for representing exactly what Steve wanted to depict.

The sculpture is a lovely, detailed study with beautiful tooling marks creating those textures Steve is famous for with almost lifelike qualities on the elephant’s skin which draws you into the piece instantly. The flow and movement created by the composition and the way the piece is poised on the base makes the sculpture come to life and you can really connect with the individuality of the elephant and feel the playful vibrancy of the Indian culture flowing from the artist through to the audience in every glance.

Price : £1,750

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