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Red Right Hand

Artist:Β Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 57cm x 50cm x 27cm

Weight: 35kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze

When talking popular TV shows in recent years, Peaky blinders has to be up there, and this is definitely the case in Steves opinion. The show resonated with him on many levels from the simplicity of him being a midlands lad and it being set there, to the appeal of the working class driven story line which strikes a chord too as his early days too were spent working in factories etc. Then of course there is the raw power and charisma the show has, all this considered it is no surprise that a fire of inspiration was ignited, and this sculpture was brought to fruition.

Steve made atmosphere and feel a main focal point with this piece, as is the case with the tv series. He has achieved this superbly with the swagger and personality of each of the individual characters coming through, due to their likenesses and the movement. The flow of the three brothers, as a collective, really tells a story, it looks as though they are walking with real purpose and looking at them can transport you to multiple scenes throughout the series, this is exactly what Steve wanted to achieve with the composition.

Price : Β£15,000

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