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Priceless Perfection – Sterling Silver

Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 39cm x 34cm x 17cm

Weight: 4.6kg – 134 ounces of Solid Silver

Edition Size: 8

Material: Sterling Silver on Granite

The Arabian horse has such history and is one of the earliest improved breeds, they are known for their gentleness, intelligence and beauty. Steve thought the strongest pose to show the prowess of this beautiful breed was rearing, it gives a noble feel to the sculpture which aligns nicely with the breeds history. The delicacy in the details are really key here to bring the beauty of the Arabian horse and its gentle characteristics forward into the picture, Steve has captured this beautifully. Furthermore, with the details he laced the base with intricate filigree styled designs which not only compliments the piece aesthetically but brings in a cultural element as the origins of those filigree designs are similar of those of the Arabian horse.


Price : £13,400

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