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Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 52cm x 44cm x 27cm

Weight: 12.5kg

Edition Size: 8 – Steve Winterburn X Carrs Silvers

Material: Bronze on Granite with Solid Silver base plate 

As “Priceless Perfection” was one of Steve Winterburn’s bestselling sculptures, he decided it’d be fitting to produce a bigger variation of this. With “Nobility” the focus was to create a royal air to this artwork, to represent the history of this beautiful horse breed and its intertwined relations with royalty for centuries. This piece stands alone from its predecessor, it has a less delicate feel with a much more masculine presence, Steve has sculpted a stallion in peak physicality with strong features but still with the elegance of the Arabian breed. It is poised in an aggressive and powerful rearing stance, with head held high and proud, this composition really ties in all the aspects of the inspiration behind the sculpture and brings a real continuity of “nobility”.

Price : £17,500

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