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Master of the Desert

Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 63cm x 57cm x 21cm

Weight: 22kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze on Granite

The inspiration of this piece dates back to the early years of Steve’s life when he first saw the iconic and legendary movie “Lawrence of Arabia” he completely fell in love with it and to this day is still his most admired piece of cinema. It was the Arabian and Bedouin style of life that stood out to him and really left him in awe, in particular the connection between these nomadic people and their connection with their camels. The endurance and reliability these people needed for travelling such vast distances and carrying cargo, sometimes travelling days at a time across arid desert land is astounding for both the animal and human and must have built such a huge and inseparable bond between one another.

This sculpture by Steve Winterburn is incapsulating exactly that, with the movement in which he has composed the piece and the loose yet detailed tooling textures he has captured both the camel and rider in a beautiful state of tranquillity as though they are just gliding across the desert as one. This sculpture really encaptivates the audience as though you are watching this masterful duo grace the Arabian plains.

Price : £12,500

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