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He’s Not Heavy

Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 52cm x 15cm x 15cm

Weight: 9kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze on Granite

Steve Winterburn has been privileged to experience cultures across the globe during his time travelling throughout the years, in particular he spent a lot of time with the Kenyan people, more specifically still, the Maasai tribe. The inspiration he gained from time spent with these great people could result in an entire collection of art alone, but this lovely and heart warming sculpture was top of the list.

“He’s not Heavy…” was named after the famous song by The Hollies, which Steve felt was a fitting title for a subject that is very close to his heart. This particular sculpture was sparked from a moment Steve experienced whilst in Kenya, a young girl with barely enough energy to carry her own weight due to lack of food and water was still selflessly prioritising caring for her baby brother and when carrying him she turned and looked across towards him and instantly Steve knew this moment had to be captured eternally. Though quite a heavy subject matter the piece created from this moment has lovely composition and soft soothing textures which creates a warming feel for the engaged audience, it tells the story beautifully but keeps the essence of the sculptured light hearted and a pleasure in whatever situ it is placed.

Price : £7,500

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