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Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 83cm x 40cm x 25cm

Weight: 35kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze on granite

This Sculpture comes as the third piece in a new era and collection from Steve Winterburn. In which Steve has leaned more contemporary in his approach, introducing his Anthropomorphic collection.

Travelling has been a huge influence on Steves creativity. Seeing different cultures all over the world has brought different aspects and facets to his work. Ancient cultures in particular have always been a focal point for Steve, the sculptures and carvings at temples and ancient ruins around the globe have inspired many of his designs, from sketches to sculptures. “Goddess” is one of those designs.

Steve has captured the feeling of those ancient sculptures, with this anthropomorphic piece looking like a guardian for the gate way of a grand temple. The surface patterns and overall aesthetic of “Goddess” are predominantly motivated by ancient Egyptian culture, which gives it a lovely regal feel bordering on Art Deco in style. Steve has been fixated on Ancient Egypt since a young boy when he first learned about Tutankhamun, which stimulated some of his first sketches. In more recent years he has visited Egypt multiple times to experience it first hand, so this piece has been a lot of years in the making.



Price : £17,750

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