Leeds Statue Unveiled – John Holmes by Steve Winterburn

Today we unveiled a huge monument to late great rugby legend John Holmes, in our home county of Yorkshire, with the sculpture taking pride of place outside the new stand at Headingley Stadium, Leeds. Over the years of creating this piece we worked closely with John’s family whilst perfecting the likeness, his brothers Phil and Brian spent many hours at our studio, these visits started formal but as time passed they became more and more social as a close familiy bond was formed between the Winterburns and  Holmes. This made the journey of creation that bit more special and in particular the unveiling and ceremony today a very emotional and passionate day.

Being able to depict such an icon and sporting legend such as John Holmes is an honour for Steve Winterburn and Winterburn Fine Art, some of his record breaking stats from playing the game are increasingly less likely to be broke especially now in the modern era and his exploits will be marvelled over for years to come in the history books.

Having such an amazing response to the sculpture this morning when unveiled was truly overwhelming for us, with the close family connection it meant the world for the Holmes family to be so happy and for the rest of Leeds to receive it with open arms, making it a Headingley Landmark for generations in the future.

Thank you to everyone who was involved throughout the process of the piece, all the background work and to those making today such a special day for us, the family and the people of Leeds.

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