LAPADA Fine Art and Antiques – Berkeley Square 27th September- 1st October

This coming September Steve Winterburn is returning to the Fine Art show circuit for the first time in over a decade. He left the scene to focus his efforts into mastering his craft and skills, building the Winterburn foundry and studio, this was due to the lack of quality in castings from other foundry’s and them not hitting time scales. Now that Steve and his family have put in this groundwork and built the company as a strong foundation, they’ve been able to build the largest collection of sculptures they have ever exhibited, finished to the highest standard in the industry with each individual piece being a family passion, every millimetre of their work is lovingly crafted.

This exhibition will feature a rotation of over 20 sculptures sculpted by Steve Winterburn, that have been cast and finished at Winterburn Fine Art, ranging in sizes from 30cm tall all the way up to 3 metres tall. The array of works span across Steve’s career and different eras and thus showcase a combination of his styles. These include his traditional lifelike wildlife portrayals, contemporary figurative, expressive portraits, anthropomorphic and a first showing of his new Timeless Collection (see “The Timeless Collection” Blog for more info). This prestigious show with LAPADA is a great kickstart to showcase this display of Steve’s career and to show the future vision and where he plans to take his art, this will be continued around the country in the coming year on tour targeting events throughout, keep your eyes peeled for updates on where you can find him.

Most anticipated at this show is the WIP wax bust of the late Queen Elizabeth II which Steve will be sculpting live for people to interact and see the artistic process first hand. This sculpture has attracted a lot of interest after its official unveiling to the public on GB News Live early in September, national press and private collectors alike, everyone is very enthused to see this piece in the flesh.

In conjunction with Burton Antiques, Winterburn Fine Art have one of the largest stands available giving the best opportunity to create the most impressive stand possible, this is made a much easier job with Burton Antiques bringing some of the highest quality antiques in the trade to stand side by side with the Winterburn sculptures. Founders Chris and Harry Fell are close family friends of the Winterburn’s and this project has been many years in the making so both parties are very excited to bring this partnership to the big stage in the Fine Art community.

Further to this, the LAPADA show at Berkeley Square, London is the launch platform for the new joint venture of this strong family bond and that is the “Winterburn & Fell” collection. Combining the endless knowledge in silverware and antiques of the Fells and the fine-tuned craftsmanship of Winterburn Fine Art, they are building a collection of contemporary cast solid silver sculptures and items. Some of these items are in circle of the biggest cast silver items in history, notably their flagship Wine Cistern an identical copy of the original hand carved wood cistern by Ben Goodison in the 18th century. This was created by 3D scanning the original and then once printed Steve Winterburn resurfaced and sculpted to match the original exactly, now complete it weighs in excess of 3000 ounces in silver, this showstopping pair of items will hold centre stage in Berkely Square and are sure to be turning heads.

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