Grounded Serenity – New Sculpture

Steve Winterburn has a new sculpture coming to the market with a lot of excitement around it, both from social media and from its brief appearance as a maquette in autumn at shows around the country. “Grounded Serenity” is his new elegant horse head sculpture inspired by his passion of horses and interest in spirituality. From the original sketched idea, he then sculpted a 30” inch in wax and tested himself sculpting a 6ft version from plaster which stands atop a lovely corten plinth. The original has been 3D scanned and printed at an 18” scale for a more affordable and placeable piece for some. The first of these original 30” Grounded Serenity pieces is now cast in bronze with a soft launch on social media and website this month!

This abstract and expressive horse head sculpted by Steve Winterburn in his new contemporary style with powerful and dynamic tooling, is driven by an elemental and spiritual standpoint. It is inspired by the Earth element, many ancient cultures believe that great power comes from grounding with the earth, and that is where the roots of this sculpture’s inspiration are tied. Steve has always been drawn to this and to the connection and bond between horse and man.

With “grounded serenity” he has captured a real presence of peace and tranquillity, which gives it the ability to create a feeling of belonging wherever it is situated. Achieving this was important to Steve, as for most cultures throughout history, the presence of horses generates the perception of home and so he wanted this artwork to align with that and feel at home amongst its surroundings and audience.

Though sculpted with strong and striking textures, the way the composition of the piece was designed with it mounted delicately on its nose gives the piece a warm gentle edge. This was a conscious effort from Steve to portray the personality of these wonderful social creatures that we have been blessed to live alongside for millennia, that though big and powerful they are very gentle and loving.

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