Bugzy Malone X Steve Winterburn

Bugzy Malone is an award-winning British rapper and actor from Manchester, England, who single handedly revived the UKs urban scene and was the first artist from the North of England to succeed and flourish, which lead to his title King of the North. Although best known for his music, Bugzy is an extremely talented artist in many mediums from his blooming acting career with 2 Hollywood films under his belt, to his deep lyricism, to his attention to detail in shaping his brands and his latest addition to his ever-growing legacy in designing “The House of Vision”, his incredible new home. This is where his relationship with the Winterburn’s began…

Fortunately, Bugzy stumbled across Steve Winterburn’s continuously expanding Instagram page, fell in love with his work and reached out igniting the start of a passion driven collaboration. Right from the first phone call it was clear that this was going to be something special, with the passion for our self-made backgrounds and building a legacy resonating through both parties, the enthusiasm for creating something timeless together was boundless.

Bugzy commissioned two separate sculptures and worked closely with the Winterburn’s creating 1 of 1 bespoke pieces that were tailored to the finest details making them to the highest of standards for both brands, with every inch considered. The first was a Bugzy Malone X Steve Winterburn black panther which is Steve’s infamous panther with a few twists. The main tweak that really makes this piece unique and individual is the patination and colour which we have labelled “Bugzy Blue”. After many discussions and back and forth within the design process a colour which perfectly compliments the interior of “The House of Vision” was created, and it makes this piece a real showstopper.

From here we then started the next project which was depicting Bugzy’s “House of Vision” branding which is his coat of arms that he created and designed himself after spending hours researching heraldry. Steve Winterburn took these 2D designs and sculpted each facet and detail by hand, and after hour upon hour of sculpting he created this shield in three dimensions and for added impact we decided collectively to integrate into the Winterburn Timeless system, so that the piece sits in a stainless ellipse the rotates a full 360 degrees. The stainless steel compliments the lovely rose gold finish patina chosen by Bugzy to align with his brand adding a lovely continuity and it sits pride of place out the front of the “House of Vision”.

This whole process so far has been so much fun working collectively with Bugzy, a real friendship and bond has been formed with the family and hopefully this relationship will prosper long into the future, shaping our Legacies further. To top all of this off, it is with huge honour that we can announce that after the release of his latest album “Great British Dream” coming in May our 1 of 1 Panther in Bugzy Blue is featured on the album artwork!

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